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Bringing it all together

A rider’s perspective on the rush of motorcycle racing. As seen on Oregon Public Broadcasting’s 2010 series Oregon Lens.

A segment filmed by Deinos Productions for VJIAM.tv.

Deinos Productions short form documentary film

The word Tango evokes images of drama, flare, and roaring passion, but Argentine Tango is more than what you see and what goes on between the dancers is more than just a dance. At its heart, Tango is a melding of movement, music, and energy. This short documentary explores a personal and intimate world where a shared moment in time becomes a silent conversation.

As seen on Oregon Public Broadcasting’s 2010 summer series Oregon Lens.

A short profile of author and film producer Liz Erin Grover. The story of one woman’s journey on the road of the world and within herself.

A visual poem about Lone Fir Cemetery in Portland, OR.

A short documentary: The Silent Conversation

Highlights from the Earth Harmony Event, co-created by Colored Pencils Art and Culture Council, Instituto Inxocitl Incuicatl, Director Park – Portland Parks & Recreation, Regional Arts & Culture Council, Multnomah County Cultural Coalition, World Affairs Council of Oregon.

The public was invited to join the sacred circle with spiritual dancing, drumming, rituals, story-telling by elders and spoken words by Native American teens.

Tenants Rights Rally for Keep Portland Housed, March 2017 HB2004